08:56 28.11.2019

The story of tea goes back a long way. This story, which began in 2737 B.C. before the Chinese Empire, is with us in its present form as an indispensable taste. The stages of the tea we drink with pleasure at every moment of the day is very different. Let's look at the staging process of tea together:

According to the legend, one of the first emperors of China, Shen Yung, one day sees the tea leaves fall and give color to the water. Well, when he finds out about this, he stays in the country for 7 years and drinks this tea all the time. He then reaches out to different regions such as Korea, Japan, and Vietnam and manages to endear himself. And in the 18th century, he reaches as far as Portugal. It is then developed and spread as far as Europe.

However, in many places, for example, in India, tea continues to be used not as a beverage but for medical purposes, but because it is very expensive, it is drunk at special invitations. After 1785, it becomes cheaper for the community to drink.

Source: Everything about Tea from A to Z Magazine